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Elephant with Flower Kit by Hong

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This Elephant Portrait was painted by an elephant artist named Hong by his mahout (caretaker). It has been adapted to needlepoint canvas as one of a delightful series of paintings by elephants to showcase artists that are not human and to help a very worthwhile organization.. Hong  is one of various elephants who are cared for by The Asian Elephant Art and Conservation Project (AEACP), a charity dedicated to saving the diminishing number of Asian Elephants left on our planet. The Elephants in their care have been given paint and time to paint for their own benefit. The Art Project gives the elephants and their caretakers the artistic tool to change their lives for the better as their natural habitat disappears.  Elephant portrait shows the amazing intelligence and creativity of these wonderful creatures. Kit includes a 10″ x 14″  14  mesh mono deluxe needlepoint canvas and all the wool threads needed to complete.  Great choice for a beginner who is looking for a unique canvas without being overly challenging, as well as the more experienced stitcher.  A significant percentage of each purchase of our Elephant Art canvas series benefit the AEACP.  This is a marvelous canvas for a child’s room or play area, as a center for a unique cushion or pillow or frame for a wall display.  Not only are you stitching a remarkable piece but you are also helping both domesticated and what remains of the wild elephant populations of the world.

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