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Stitching Gorgeous Botanical Needlepoint Kits by Mary Delany

Mary Granville Delany bloomed in her 70s, when she embarked on her life’s work — creating 985 life-size botanical masterpieces inventing a form of paper-cutting or decoupage, which she called her “paper mosaiks” now held by the British Museum…..

Stitching is Blooming Needlepoint by Marie Sibille Merian
Maria Sibylla Merian, age 52, in 1699, more than a century before Charles Darwin explored the Galapagos, she set sail for a projected 5 year expedition to Suriname, the northern coast of South America…..
Sometimes threads do the work. Sometimes stitches do the heavy lifting. Often you will have a canvas that has details going in different directions such as in the Sunday Hats……
In February 2021, the rescue of a runaway Merino sheep gained international fame when it was found in the outskirts of Victoria, Australia with 35 kilograms (77 lbs!) of wool on its back…..