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How Far Can You Go With a Long Stitch?

Long Stitch is a stitch over more than one intersection (hole). It’s companion is the Short Stitch, which is over one hole.

Similar to Continental, but not on the diagonal. It is done by following the direction of an area of your canvas.

Image on the right was stitched with long stitch in every area of the canvas with smashing success!

There are many canvases on our site where long stitch can work wonders.

Reflections by Kathleen West on the left is a good example that might not seem obvious.

Try long stitch for the trees
and the wavy lines in the water.

Thin or wider stems are another way to use long stitch.

The Patchwork Geese at top of the email can be done with a combination of short and long stitches for the feathers.

Let us help you find a canvas to work with short and long stitches

Happy Stitching!