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Heraldic Kit for Window Door Draft Snake Kit

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Here’s an artistic way to keep your home cozy this winter.  These door
and window stoppers or “snakes” as they are sometimes called are easy
projects that pack a lot of design punch.  Plus, with today’s high
heating prices, they make a practical item for your own home or as a
gift.  Kit includes simple yet striking Heraldic pattern  on 14 mesh needlepoint
canvas and all the threads needed to complete.  To finish
you could sew this canvas together to form a long cylinder and fill
tightly, but why bother!  Look in your local department or variety store
for an inexpensive “snake”.  Since you’ll be covering it with a
beautiful needlepoint design, you don’t need to worry about whether you
like the fabric.  Better still, if you have an old one hanging around
the house, all the better.  Our instructions assume a standard 26” long
snake approximately 7” in diameter (finish size).  Let us know if you
need us to size the pattern for you based on the snake you use.

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Weight 16 oz