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Artichoke Bouquet

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Finding the perfect canvas isn’t always easy. If you are a gardener or love the natural world as much as we do we think you will fall in love with the Artichoke Bouquet.  This is an arrangement made by one of our customers that was submitted as part of an art on canvas contest.  It is a lovely centerpiece and will make for a beautiful canvas.  Best done in silk threads, which we are happy to select and add to help complete the 14″ x 15″ canvas.  Available in 14, 16 or 18 mesh. Choose the smallest mesh you are comfortable working on and indicate your mesh preference in the note section at checkout.  You can stitch the basic needlepoint stitches, and you can shade with the silk threads by blending colors or stitching per color per hole.  We are happy to provide technique suggestions for a realistic interpretation.  Please contact us if you would like us to add threads to the canvas. Available in alternate sizes.

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Weight 16 oz