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Why Use Silk Threads on Needlepoint Canvases

Why Use Silk Threads on Needlepoint Canvases

While the first textiles were probably made from intertwined stems and grass or animal hairs, very little has been excavated from tombs or monuments throughout the world that remains intact.  In various found fragment  from between 5000 BC & 500 AD contain crude stitches with silk threads.

By the 4th-10th century, silk & gold threads were staples of early needlework. An Egyptian fragment ca 4th-7th ce was discovered with silk threads in brown woven cloth. The vestments of  two sisters, St. Harlindes & St. Relindis, who each became an abbess, were the earliest surviving examples  of Anglo-Saxon handwork that we have today, stitched in silk on linen.  

Checking Silk above is a 12th century painting depicting women checking on silk that will be made into cloth.

Durability and ease of use are the major factors for our love of silk threads. Why use anything else when you want it to last!