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Product Description

Turandot - the opera by Puccini is rendered for all opera lovers for all eternity! Measures 10" x 14"  as the smaller of several sizes.  Available on 14,1 6 or 18 mesh mono deluxe needlepoint canvas. We are happy to select and add approrpatie colors is a lovely, easy-to-use silk thread or cotton to help complete.  Please indicate your mesh preference in the note section at checkout.  We will send the 14 mesh if you do not provide a preference. Please contact us and we will be happy to add your choice of threads to complete the canvas. Available in alternate sizes.

"Turandot -  is the icy daughter of the Chinese Emperor Altoum. Many noble young noblemen have sought to marry her, but Turandot has decreed that any suitor must correctly answer three riddles in order to win her hand. If he fails to come up with the correct answers, he must immediately forfeit his head to the executioner’s axe. The heads of many unfortunate suitors already decorate the walls of the imperial city. Calaf, an unknown prince, sees Turandot question her latest victim and dispatch him to the chopping block. Calaf falls madly in love with Turandot and vows to win her hand. Calaf is able to answer the three riddles. Turandot pleads with her father not to give her to this unknown prince. Calaf poses his own riddle to Turandot: What is his name? If she can answer correctly before dawn, Calaf will forfeit his own head. Despite a night of terror, treachery and death, Turandot is unable to find out Calaf’s name. As dawn breaks, Calaf tells Turandot the answer she seeks. She triumphantly proclaims that she knows his name and summons the court. “His name is Love!” Calaf’s bravery and honor have thawed the frozen heart of Turandot, and she and Calaf are wed."

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