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Predictable Results Series

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The Predictable Results series is focused on results. For any canvas .. for many elements in a canvas. You have an idea of what you want a canvas or parts of a canvas to look like: What stitch will look good? What stitch will make the whiskers of the cat look like whiskers, or feathers feathery, or different types of hair, or bricks on a building or walkway, or the flowing water seem like it is flowing, etc.  Every month we will send a suggested stitch or group of stitches to use on elements that are found in any of our canvases as well as many other canvases.  There will be diagrams and discussions and pictures of canvases where these stitches will work well – and some finished examples. With the information you will be given you will be able to complete projects and start new projects with confidence.  Why is this better than having a book of needlepoint stitches? Because it is focused on learning how to stitch a new stitch AND where to use them and why to use them there. This is all by email. Every month. At the end of a year you will have a digital library of stitches to use for your next project – combine this with the Touch Me Feel Me Series and you can conquer the world!