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Who We Are

We, like you, are stitchers. We started the Art Needlepoint Company to bring good design to needlepoint. We thought it would be fun to stitch art. Art across centuries of different genres and styles. Art for people new to needlepoint, experts, and everyone in between. We like to think of the Art of Needlepoint as the ability to create maximum effect from a minimum of materials.

Our Approach

We believe that you can create beautiful works of art. We believe in quality materials, value out of versatility, and thoughtful service. There isn’t one thread in our kits that hasn’t been used by us. We obsess over mesh, threads and details. We also provide consultations, color charts, and stitch suggestions for any canvas and threads purchased. Free of charge.

Our Needlepoint

We only use the highest quality mono deluxe needlepoint canvas. We work with many of the world’s best artists to bring you a large variety of artists and art for every taste and every skill level. Most of the canvases you won’t find anywhere else. With a myriad of thread and stitch choices each of us can unleash our creativity no matter how long you’ve been stitching. We value your input and your business and hope that everyone of your needlepoint projects is something you are proud of.

Finishing Services, Big and Small

In case you are wondering who is going to do the finishing work on the bench cover you just completed, we’ve got you covered. We have a complete list of professional resources to make your canvases into a wide variety of items. Big or small, your canvas will become a showpiece.

Paying it Forward

A portion of our profits go to various non-profit organizations. We believe in the power of paying it forward. We support local, national and international causes that help make our world a better place to live.


If you have an image that you’d like to have us put on a canvas, call us. If you see a canvas on our website that you’d like to make into a bench or a stool, contact us by phone. We will customize to fit your specifications for window treaments, benches, rugs, chairs or anything else you request.