Helpful Clips for a Needlepoint Canvas

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Thank you Janet Perry from Nuts About Needlepoint for this post.  Be sure to check out some of her other very helpful posts!

Canvas Clips – Product Review

September 8, 2011

If you don’t mount your needlepoint on a frame, you have an on-going problem. I find that I feel as though I’m battling with the canvas all the time to find the place where I am stitching. I’m afraid I’ll stitch the canvas to itself and get cramps in my hands from scrunching up the canvas.

Canvas Clips from Dream House Ventures can solve many of these problems. The package has two pairs of clips in it, small and large. Like bobby pins, they are wavy on one side and straight on the other.

You use the by rolling the canvas and placing them (wavy side in) at either end. This creates a smaller item to hold and protects the canvas from the wear scrunching it can cause.

I tried the clips on two different canvases and compared it to stitching the same canvas without clips. By and large they did what they are supposed to do; made the canvas easier to hold while making the area to be stitched clearly visible.

One of the canvases I used is an older canvas so it is very soft. While the clips did keep the piece in a roll, it still flopped around. Although it was easier to stitch, the flopping meant that the clip on the end away from where I was stitching popped out, repeatedly. Admittedly this canvas is in very bad shape, but this is something to note because not all canvases will have a good tight fit.

The second canvases was newer. There were no problems here with the clips coming off; they worked beautifully. However newer canvas still has lots of sizing in it. It still kept the roll after I removed the clips, so even my stitching without them went well.

This is a great and useful tool for those who like to stitch their needlepoint in hand.

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