Finishing and Cleaning Needlepoint

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

If you are looking for a person in your area that can finish your canvas into a pillow, chair seat, top for a stool or bench or for a rug canvas, call or email us and we can furnish contact information for someone nearest to you.


Cleaning needlepoint can be tricky, but it can be done!  

When you finished stitching your canvas and you find that it is spotted or a bit dirty, try a little mild soap and water solution  --  one of the liquid soaps that is fragrance free which you would wash your hands with would work.   If it is silk threads try to moisten but not really wet the silk too heavily. If wool you can use Woolite or similar product, but block it with a dry cloth after each wetting. Spray and Wash and similar products may be too heavy for the threads and the fibers of the canvas, so start with a mild soap solution.

To be safe dip a corner of a cloth (terry or towel is best) into the soap solution or spray the solution onto your cloth and gently dab the canvas or spot on the canvas. If you dab and DO NOT RUB you will be better able to lift the dirt off.  Then use some clean tepid water and repeat the process as needed, but again try not to soak the fibers.

If your needlepoint is old or very dirty, then a professional might be the best answer. We have an antique needlepoint (from the early 1600's) that had a stain on it and brought it to a cleaners who is used to doing upholstery fabrics and was able to remove the stain completely.
If you have an heirloom  or don't wish to chance it with a local cleaner, ask a local interior decorator who they use to clean fibers on tapestries and pillows. It could be a carpet cleaner who is able to clean precious pieces. If you find that all your search is in vain, call us or email us and we will help you find someone.

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