Fall 2011 Free Online Technique Classes

Friday, September 16, 2011
Oct 1 - Three Christmas Ornaments - Reproduce these three vintage wooden Christmas ornaments in needlepoint using a variety of stitches in silk and metallic threads. In addition to over 15 stitches, you'll learn: how to make ornaments that are easier to have finished, techniques for stitching hair, textured stitches to replace Tent Stitch

Oct 15 - Basic Shading with Needleblending - A charming Art Nouveau Iris is the basis for this class that teaches even brand new stitchers how to create shaded needlepoint easily.

Nov 1 - Shading the Face - Faces are one of the most difficult items to create realistically in needlepoint. In this class for the advanced stitcher you'll learn how to use needleblending and stranded silks to make a lovely realistic face.

 Some of our Spring Summer classes will repeat - so don't despair if you missed a class you were thinking of taking.

More classes will be scheduled for the new year!


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